How You Can Help

So you’ve heard some information about our organization and you are asking yourself how you can get more involved, how you can help.  Well, there are many ways that you can do more.

Volunteerism—we are always happy to have volunteers that can help in a variety of capacities. 

Community Employment—if you are in the position to play a major role in any sort of community employment, job
shadows, community based assessments, etc. we would love to have you as a partner. 

Business Outsourcing—we are always looking for business partners who would like some assistance in completing tasks.
Donations—donations are always appreciated, you can be confident that your donation would be put to good use, and you have a variety of areas that you can choose for your money to go.  No amount is too small.

One particular mini-campaign we are currently working on is to provide better access to hot lunches to some of the individuals that we serve.  For more information please see below.

Click to view our Donation Letter