ICW Micrographics

Are you losing money because of all the storage space you're using for your records? A three drawer file cabinet
(42in x 27in) holds approximately 6,750 documents! Did you know, 6,750 documents filmed fits onto two rolls of microfilm! By using ICW micrographics, you just freed up 98% of your floor space.

You may not have known

* Microfilm docs are
admissible in court
* Film is indexed to provide quick & easy
* Microfilm can be inserted into cartridges
or jackets according to your needs
* You'll save time retrieving documents
and it's cost effective

What are you waiting for? Don't delay, call today and reclaim that office space. Call Tracy at ICW Vocational Services -
724 349 1211 or fax 724 349 2214.