New Initiatives

In accordance with its mission, ICW has ventured out on many entrepreneurial journeys to better serve its individuals as well as increase ICW’s public recognition.  The projects and plans that ICW have embarked on in the past, regardless of its prolonged success, have helped ICW to progress to where it is today.  Some examples of these efforts were, the Yellow Creek Concession Stand, Micrographics Department, and the Hot Lunch Program.

Today, ICW’s Hot Lunch Program is still going strong.  Doubling in its capacity since its inception ICW offers a hot lunch to both staff and clients four days a week.  The cost of lunch is only $3.00 as the main goal of the program is to create training opportunities.  While working in the kitchen, individuals are paid minimum wage and get to practice skills such as food sanitation, food preparation, and customer service. 

Here is an example of the menu that is being offered for September, 2007.

Click here to view the menu

Along with this kitchen, ICW was also able to open up another commercial food preparation area in which further training can be conducted.  Utilizing this kitchen, ICW is able to carry out further entrepreneurial efforts.  For example, ICW has been making a lot of progress with its sales of baked goods.  Starting with vending at community events and currently taking in-house orders, ICW’s baked goods department is expanding.

Here is the price list to be used when placing orders.  We appreciate any support that you can provide, and we know that you will enjoy our products!

Past and present aside, ICW continues to aspire to bigger and better ways of training.  ICW is in the beginning stages of joining the hoagie sale arena. 

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We will be sure to keep you posted on its progress!