Recent News & Events

October 2007, ICW’s facility program is working on a new project.  During down time (times when production is limited on the work floor) there is a need for individuals to be working on vocational skills.  Other than conducting training sessions on a variety of topics, different crafts and activities, ICW has been working on a recipe calendar.  This would combine the appeal of the typical recipe book with the practicality of a calendar.  The idea is that the individuals we serve would play a large role in the production of this calendar, and therefore, benefit directly from any part of the proceeds.  Many skills have been utilized during this process, such as; typing, design, arts and crafts, and fine motor.  The finishing touches are currently being applied and the final product will be available for sale to the public mid-November.

On September 27th, 2007, Patricia Dragani, ICW’s Executive Director, was awarded the Distinguished Career Achievement Award, from the Pennsylvania Association of Rehabilitation Facilities (PARF).  Patricia has worked for ICW Vocational Services since 1971, and has lead the way to make vast improvements to both the facility and community employment endeavors.

On September 24th, 2007, ICW finished up its first sub sale.  Overall it was a success.  There were 61 subs and wraps sold.  The Program Committee of ICW conducted this sale primarily for informational purposes, targeting the Community Guidance Center as well as in-house staff.  With the vast amount of feedback received from this event, we will be able to develop our product and give the people what they want.  The preparation and sale of these products give ICW the ability to further utilize the commercial kitchen and to train more individuals.