What We Do

Facility Based Services

            Individuals, based on their level of performance, skills, abilities, and preferences, are assigned to one of four different work areas ranging from one/two-step assembly and packaging to microfilming. Several local companies have partnered with ICW in an effort to provide a worthwhile service to the business community.  This provides individuals with realistic work experiences that help develop appropriate work skills and behaviors. The goal of the facility based program is to enhance client’s skills and abilities to their optimal level, preparing them for transition into supportive employment. 

Some services offered to local and regional businesses through the facility program are:

• Shrink Wrapping • Collating • Small Parts Assembly • Packaging • Promotional Packet Prep • Press Assembly
• Simple Machining (drill press) • Microfilming (click for more info) • Bulk Mailing

If you or your business is interested in quality outsourcing at an unbeatable price, please contact ICW Vocational Services at (724) - 349 - 1211, or email Cassie Eiselman

Employment Services Division

Supportive employment involves the assistance of a professional team comprised of a job developer and job coaches. Clients’ strengths and weaknesses are identified as a job developer helps the client to find a job match that meets their skill level and abilities. Job coaches accompany clients on their new jobs helping them to feel at ease as they transition into the work place ensuring that the job match is a successful one.  By monitoring the client’s performance, and providing support as needed, the job coach aids the client in reaching their goal of long term competitive employment.  Permanent employment is not the only goal of Employment Services.  ICW is always looking for local businesses who are willing to partner to bring in a client and job coach for a agreed upon amount of time for work experience, work assessments and other opportunities that arise. 

If you or your business is interested in partnering with ICW to help provide a meaningful and constructive work experience for an individual with a disability, please call us at (724) - 349 - 1211, or email Cassie Eiselman.