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Community Participation Support

Adult Training - 24 South 6th Street Location 

"Steps to Success"

Community Participation Support - Adult Training

This facility-based real-world program educates individuals in independent living, workplace readiness, career exploration through paid opportunities in various community locations, employment and learning continuation of skills to enhance independent success.

Nutrition and Cooking: Understanding nutritional facts, making healthy eating choices, budgeting healthy meals, kitchen safety, appliance safety, food storage safety, and much more. 
Household Management and Safety: Laundry, cleaning, basic home maintenance, fire safety, general home safety, stranger danger, internet safety, and much more. 
Health Care Management: Personal hygiene, good health habits, first aid, safe habits, recognizing signs of sickness/or physical difference, scheduling appointments, calling your doctor, filling prescriptions, and much more. 
Household Management and Financial Management: Balancing a bank account/checkbook, monthly budgets, understanding needs/wants, savvy shopping, developing a savings plan, reading/using circulars for shopping needs, using coupons, and much more. 
Navigating Public Transportation: Reading a bus schedule, understanding bus routes, understanding bus programs, general transportation safety, PWD Program, Rabbittransit, and much more. 
Navigating through the Social Service System: Available community resources, when to seek help, self-advocacy, and understanding me. 
James Stanfield Curriculum: First Job Skills (Full Curriculum), Job Smart (1&2), Life Smart (Full Curriculum), People Smart, Dating Smart, Social Skills Smart, and Safety Smart. 
Other Lessons Created / Tailored to meet individual needs. 

Staffing Levels:
Staff to individual ratio of 1:4 to 1:6 
Staff to individual ratio of 1:1


Community Participation Support - Community

This community-based program is intended to facilitate long term, sustainable relationships, activities and engagement with others in the community. Services are provided in a variety of integrated community location that offer opportunities for individuals to achieve personally identified goals for developing employment skills, community inclusion, involvement, exploration, and for developing and sustaining a network of positive natural supports. *This service can be offered without participation in facility-based programming. 


Free Pancake Day Perkins, DQ free ice-cream days, PNC Park tours, Acrisure Field Tours, Curve Field Tour, Altoona Curve Baseball Game, Armstrong Mental Health Awareness Fair, Indiana County Mental Health Awareness Fair, Community Garden, Master Gardeners Club, Saltsburg Painting Committee, Local Historical Societies in surrounding areas, all local museums in surrounding areas, all local fairs and festivals in surrounding areas (Ligonier, Latrobe, Ox-Hill, Indiana, Ebensburg, Armstrong, and others), Banana Split Festival, IUP Career Fairs, IUP Theater Tours, IUP Community Lecture Hour (Discuss Current Event Topics), Armstrong Career Fair, Westmoreland Transition Conference (Individual Based), Newman Book Sale Involvement, Seedling Project Involvement, Sapna Advocacy Group, all local parks and recreation in surrounding areas, Yellow Creek Environmental Workshops, Broken Bottles Art Museum, IUP Campus Art Museum, all art museums in surrounding areas, Library Clubs/Groups, YMCA classes/events, YMCA Sunny Day Camp, Mack Park Swimming Pool, HCQU Day Camp, IUP Community Involvement, Arc Garage Sale Volunteering, MayMart, Local tourist attractions/sightseeing in surrounding areas, Jewelry Making Club (Mondays & Wednesdays), Punxsutawney Adults Coloring Club (Mondays), Fantastic Phil Scavenger Hunt, Tech Support Groups Meeting, Blueberry Picking, Strawberry Picking, Farmer's Markets, Covered Bridges, Learning how to read a map (Zoo), Free Fridays at Fort Ligonier, Pittsburgh Free Radical Days, or any interest that is wanted to be explored! 

Staffing Levels:

Staff to individual ratio of 2:3 

Staff to individual ratio of 1:2 to 1:3 
Staff to individual ratio of 1:1

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