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Manufacturing Services

ICW can help your business meet its production demands. ICW has a workforce of more than 30 hardworking individuals; on a daily basis, to meet your production needs. Services include the following: 

Small Parts Assembly


ICW can transform your raw materials and/or components into finished products. 


Small Parts Assembly Offered

  • Produce components by assembling parts and subassemblies.

  • Position or align components and parts.

  • Use hand tools of machines to assemble parts.

  • Conduct quality control checks. 


ICW packaging can help your business prepare goods for transport, warehousing, logistics, sale, and end use. 


Packaging Services Offered

  • Shrink wrapping

  • Clam Shell packaging

  • Heat sealing

  • Labeling


Do you need help with a newsletter, special mailer, or monthly/quarterly/annual mailers? 

ICW has the capacity to support your mailing needs, including delivery to the post office. 


Mail Services Offered

  • Folding and Inserting 

  • Sorting

  • Collating

  • Stapling 

  • Labeling

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